About GC

GoldCloud® is an exclusive local social network. We facilitate organic interactions through innovative social media campaigns and exclusive membership. Founded in 2014, the first GoldCloud® was established by a collective of entrepreneurs with the aim of providing local communities with the power to supercharge their social presence.

We understand the responsibility of establishing, managing, and growing a social audience. Our goal is to increase your social reach and influence with professional-grade content and innovative marketing strategies. Our services will keep your social audiences applauding!

Partnership & Collaboration

We believe in collaboration with purpose. We are proud to provide our network services for your brand, local business, non-profit, or start-up! Allow us to provide you with a demonstration of how GoldCloud® can upgrade your social presence. Schedule your free consultation to learn more.
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Our Mission

To facilitate organic interaction within a synergistic local social community.


Members of GoldCloud® are the privileged few that receive benefits for doing what other online users do for free. Member benefits include exclusive event invites, exclusive discounts, exclusive travel, and incentive programs to help monetize your social audiences through organic promotion.

Interested in becoming a Member? Apply now to secure your spot. Membership is offered by invitation only. Individuals interested in becoming a Member are asked to submit an application and a GoldCloud® representative will contact you.

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