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    Download the GoldCloud® app using the button below. Use the slides to complete registration and redeem your Upgrade code. You must have iOS 13 or later installed on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

    Get Code Complete Your Registration Enter your information above to request your Upgrade Code. You will need this code to upgrade your access to Director status after log into the app. Copy your code then tap the button to download the GoldCloud app to your Apple device. Next DownLoad GoldCloud
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    Create Login Create Login. Once the installation of TestFlight and the GoldCloud app are complete, sign up with either Facebook or Twitter to create your login credentials. Select the GoldCloud you would like to access and enter your referral code. Your referral code can be found in your initial invite email. Please note, your referral code is different from your Upgrade code. To complete your sign up, verify your email by tapping the link in the corresponding email in your inbox. Next Upgrade Upgrade Your
    In The App:

    1. Tap menu then Announcements.

    2. Search and tap Upgrade Code.

    3. On the next page, tap Enter Code.

    4. Enter your Upgrade Code and Email associated with your GoldCloud Membership.

    5. Tap Redeem and you will be sent back to the app or prompted to create a password.

    Your Upgrade Code is different from Referral Code. It can be found in your GoldCloud email verified during registration.
    Insights GoldCloud
    In The App:
    1. Tap menu then Announcements.
    2. Search Insights and select the option
    associated with your Membership.
    This page will require the password sent to you via email.

    Use these insights to discover tips to gain GCP, CRC, subscribed Invites, and of course, more payouts!
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