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Promote organically and become a taste-marker with a GoldCloud®, the tool designed to push social media to the top so it can be seen and experienced. You can share your media or get permission from other cool creatives, every share from GoldCloud® earns you rewards!

How To Earn
Real Cash Payouts

Earning payouts is a natural action in the flow of the GoldCloud® network. Join and complete these 3 steps to qualify for payouts.

1. Upload Dope Media

Create sharable campaigns featuring media the network would love to share. A minimum of 50 approved campaign uploads is required to maintain your Cre8ive membership. A minimum of 75 campaigns is required to receive a top-level bonus payout.

2. Complete Campaign Shares

Complete interactive campaign shares from the GoldCloud® app and earn GCP. A $50 payout requires a fixed amount of GCP, and you can earn as much GCP as you want via campaign shares. Remember, you can choose to Skip or Play, but you earn more when you play.

3. Invite Dope Creatives

Complete three new Member invites to unlock your payouts and earn bonuses each month. More active Members in a GoldCloud® increases the GCP and other awards available for the whole network. Invite your friends and compete for top-level payouts each month.

GoldCloud App Access

Access to the GoldCloud® app unlocks the Network. It is currently available for Members with iPhone or iPod only. Our Android version will be released soon.

Digital Cash Payouts via
Cash App, Paypal, and Venmo.

The minimum payout received with Cre8ive membership is $50.
Membership comes with unlimited request for payouts from a community bank.

Exclusive Network Prizes

Contest winners and Members with top stats are rewarded
in exclusive gear, gift cards, all kinds of cool prizes.

Unlimited Campaign Uploads

Upload as many campaigns as you like!
You never have to worry about scheduling again.

Unlimited Organic Promotion

Your GoldCloud® campaigns are promoted organically inside the Network.
Members from all over the Network will interact and choose to share.

Lifetime Media Preservation in the Time Capsule

We aim to preserve positive cultural media through a media Time Capsule.
All approved campaigns are saved to be shared by future generations.

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How Does GoldCloud® Work?

A Tool For Social Media

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