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Use these insights to discover how to gain GCP, CRC, successful invites, and of course, more payouts! 
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First Steps

Your Quick Start Guide to all things GoldCloud.

Visit the GoldCloud app as often as you like to get first looks at exclusive media & earn your GCP.

From the Campaign screen
1. Tap the campaign you would like to share to view Post & Play.
2. Review the details and tap to icon of the social platform you would like to share the campaign to.
3. Wait until the you see the Game Instructions, then choose to play the game (by tapping the blue button) or skip it (by tapping "x")

Once the share is complete the GCP you earn will be credited to your account.
Sending Invites. In The App:
1. Tap menu then Invites.
2. Enter all information for the Invitation.
3. Tap Send.

Each invite costs 50 CRC.
Be sure the recipient is ready to join before you send, as they will only have 24 hours to redeem their referral code and gain access to the GoldCloud® app.

* It is best practice to help new Members through the registration process. This will ensure you get credit for each successful referral.
Requesting Payouts In The App:
1. Tap menu then the golden Convert GCP button.
2. Select the amount of GCP you would like to convert.
3. Tap Request to submit your request.

Please Note: If you don’t have enough GCP, haven't fulfilled payout requierments you will be prompted with instructions. If the Bank is not currently closed then the Convert GCP button will not be visible. Check Announcements for updates on the Bank schedule. Work to achieve your GCP and referral goals and be the first to submit your request the next time the bank opens.


Payouts & Bonuses

Learn more about GCP conversions, bonuses, and payouts! 

(1) Successfully invite 3 subscribed Members to your GoldCloud.
(2) A current balance of 20,000GCP or more.

NOTE: You must be a subscribed Member to request a payout. Remember to submit your request and update your digital wallet information when your ready to convert your GCP.
Bonuses Boost your balance every week and every month by securing these bonuses! GCP & CRC Bonuses can be scored by...
1. Sharing designated campaigns (+50-500GCP/share)
2. Topping the Leaderboards (+1000-5000GCP),
3. Completing referrals (+1000GCP/referral).
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Sending successful invites

Share GoldCloud with other creatives and media lovers!

Tap Your Network Everyone knows creatives and people who love creative media. Family, friends, classmates, roommates, and even followers are full of creative talents working of getting noticed. As a GoldCloud Member, you now have the tool to help those creatives grow! Grow Your Network Invite talented Cre8ives to have their media published and shared. Upon approval, GoldCloud Cre8ives will gain recognition through organic exposure strengthening their social audiences and yours!

Ensure your invite recipient is ready to join before you send, as they will only have 24 hours to redeem their referral code and gain GoldCloud app access.
Reach Out Reach out to potential members by phone, text, or even DM. Make sure to compliment them on what you have observed about their social presence. Include what they will gain by joining GoldCloud, mentioning promotion, the free trial, and payouts is always a great idea!

Here is an example of a message you can send:
”Hey _________! I follow you on social and love the media you post. I am a member of a social network called GoldCloud. I think you would benefit a lot from membership. GoldCloud offers unlimited organic promotion and cash payouts, something we could all use right now. I can get you in for a free trial, but I only have a limited number of invites. Let me know if you’re interested!”
Social Presence
When thinking about whether or not to extend GoldCloud access, check out previous post patterns, comments, and what types of media they post. This will help you determine the value the candidate will bring to the Network.
Help With Registration
& Redemption
Here's how:
Send invites using the invites tab in the app. Once sent, referral codes will expire in 24 hours if not redeemed. The invitation will allow the recipient to view Membership benefits, pay their access fee, download the GoldCloud® app, and start their trial in the Network.
1. Following payment and app download, have them tap the "Login with Twitter" button and enter your referral code.
2. Once the request is sent, check email for the verification link.
3. Once they receive the approval confirmation, log into the app using the Twitter button.

4. Navigate to Annoucements and find the Upgrade link. Redeem their Upgrade code which came via email.

Once registration is complete encourage your referral to visit Member Insights to learn more about their new Membership!
Every successful invite earns the referring Member a bonus +1,000GCP. The bonus will be automatically added to you GCP balance once the invites registration is complete. For updates on the status of invites, be sure to have your GoldCloud notifications turned on. 1000 GCP Bonus.

Sometimes we all face challenges and need help. If you are experiencing challenges with a GoldCloud®, negative exchanges with another Member, or witness a violation of the Network Core Values & Guidelines, please contact Admin. We are here to help and maintain the harmony.


If at any point you require more information about your membership tap the button below to schedule a virtual chat with Admin. 

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