Complete your registration in the GoldCloud App.

Downloading the GoldCloud App.

New Members will be sent a download link via email.
Email Subject Line: Welcome to GoldCloud.

Tap the download button within to install TestFlight. On the next page tap the button to download the most current version of the app.

Create your login

To create a login, select either Facebook or Twitter using the buttons at the bottom of the screen. 

Select a GoldCloud and Redeem Referral Code

Use this screen to select the GoldCloud you would like to join. Choose wisely, as this will determine what type of media campaigns you see. Enter your referral code and email to be used for account verification. 

Find your referral code in your initial invite email. Email Subject Line: Invitation to join GoldCloud

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Account Verification 

Upon completing the steps above, you will need to verify your account using the verification link sent to your email. Email Subject Line: GoldCloud : Email Verification 

Please Note: You will not be able to login until this step is complete. 

Upgrading App Access

Upgrade your account access to complete Membership specific actions like campaign approvals and uploads. Upgrade Codes must be redeemed for Members to qualify for payouts. 

Use these steps to redeem Upgrade Codes:

From the app menu, select the Announcements tab.

In the Announcements search bar, search and tab "Upgrade Access".

Tap "Enter Code".

Enter your email and Upgrade Code, tap redeem to create a password.

Upgrade Codes can be found in your email. Email Subject Line: Membership Upgrade Code

Login to the Upgrade Access page using your email and password to complete Member specific actions and earn payouts. To learn more about Member specific actions check your email or visit the Membership Insights page. 

Visit Member Insights

Visit Member Insights to learn more about the Network and Membership. This page will keep you updated on all things GoldCloud and equip you with all you need to score unlimited payouts.

To access Member Insights, search and select Member Insights from the Announcements tab search bar in the app. Then select your Membership type or level. Passwords for Insight pages can be found in your email, subject line: Membership Insights.

GoldCloud Registration FAQs